The official blog for the Pulp Magazines Project, an open-access digital archive of early twentieth-century pulp magazines

New Issues/ Contexts (12/3/2011)

We’ve added three important new titles/ issues to the Pulp Magazines Project website: Air Stories, August 1927 (1st issue of the 1st aviation pulp); Astounding Stories, February 1932 (the 1st true science-fiction pulp); and Frontier Stories, May 1927 (launched in 1924, this pulp featured stories from the American Colonial “frontier” to the jungles of Borneo and South America).

Also available at the Pulp Magazines Project, annual circulation figures for pulp magazines published in the US between 1900 and 1922; and an essay on pulp and paper production, “So What Is Pulp?”, by Beau Collier of Darwination Scans.

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