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History of Ranch Romances now available (5/30/2012)

Ranch Romances: The Last of the Original Pulps

Despite the survival of untold thousands of science fiction pulp magazines — which seemingly were hoarded by numerous fans who never heard the term “pulp collector” — the long-running hybrid title Ranch Romances holds a unique distinction in the world of the rough-paper magazines.

It is likely that no other long-running title has been ignored by pulp collectors as often as Ranch Romances. And yet, so many potentially collectible issues survive, due to its immense circulation for more than four decades. Ironically, issues often sell well in antique stores, where thay are purchased by nostalgic female readers. Ranch Romances is also pretty much the least-expensive of the original pulps…

Read the fuller history of this title here at the Pulp Magazines Project.

We’d like to again thank Michelle Nolan for contributing her histories of Love Story Magazine and Ranch Romances.

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