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New Issues/ Titles/ Contexts: Thrills Incorporated, Saucy Stories, et al.

In September and October, the Pulp Magazines Project added 17 new issues to the archive, including 7 issues of Australia’s first SF pulp, Thrills Incorporated, created by Stanley Horowitz’s Transport Publications. Following the success of Transport’s weird mystery pulp Scientific Thriller (1948), Thrills Incorporated appeared in March 1950 and lasted for 23 issues. It ended in June 1952.

Issues added for September and October were Argosy and Railroad Man’s Magazine (Apr. 5, 1919); The All-Story Magazine (May 1905 & Aug. 1909); The Popular Magazine (Jul. 23 & Oct. 20, 1915); Astounding Stories (Nov. 1932, Nov. 1933, Jan. 1936, and Aug. 1938); Thrills Incorporated (AUS; Mar.-July 1950, Nov. 1951, and Jun. 1952); and North West Romances (Winter 1950).

New Issues, Sept-Oct 2012In December, the Project added several more issues to its existing run of titles, augmenting a growing number of first appearances by popular British authors. These included Short Stories (Apr. 1916; Achmed Abdullah, “The Fetish of Remorse”); People’s (Nov. 1916; Bram Stoker, “Greater Love”); Live Stories (July 1919); Hutchinson’s Story Magazine (UK; Sept. 1919; Rider Haggard, She Meets Allan, Pt. 3/9 & Sapper, Bulldog Drummond, Pt. 1/5); and Detective Story Magazine (Oct. 5, 1916; Sax Rohmer, The Yellow Claw, Pt. 1/6).

New Issues, Dec 2012Further, the Project welcomes the New Year with the introduction of 4 new pulp titles: Wide Awake Magazine (Jan. 10, 1916); Saucy Stories (May 1919 & Aug. 22, 1922); Romance (Oct. 1920; Edgar Lee Masters, Mitch Miller, Pt. 5/5 & Jan. 1920; Joseph Conrad, The Rescue, Pt. 3/6); and Railroad Man’s Magazine (Oct. 1909; Johnston McCulley, “The Courage Club” & Oct. 1912).

New Issues, Jan 2013Finally, be sure to check out John Locke’s “The Rise and Fall of the Pulps: and the Authors Who Rose and Fell With Them.”

(Many thanks to John Locke for his kind permission to reprint the materials presented with this lecture which took place at the Thompson Library, Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, August 9, 2012.)

Happy New Year, all.

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