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New Issues/ Histories (2/25/2013)

We’ve added 6 new issues from Volumes 10-11 of The Railroad Man’s Magazine, those for November-December 1909 and January-April 1910.

New Issues, Feb-Mar. 2013

In March, we’ll be adding the remaining issue from Volume 11 (May 1910), and full runs of Volumes 12-14 (June 1910-May 1911). This represents a complete 5-volume run of Frank Munsey’s seminal railroad-themed monthly, the first pulp magazine devoted to a single genre.

Also available now at the Pulp Magazines Project, from Nathan Vernon Madison (Virginia Commonwealth University), a history of the publication that made Munsey a millionaire, Munsey’s Magazine (1889-1929).

New Issues/ Contexts (2/5/2013)

We’ve added 4 new issues (of which 3 are new titles) of 1930s and 40s “love,” “snappy,” and “girlie” pulps to the Pulp Magazines Project website: Ginger Stories (June 1929), New Love (March 1943); Snappy Magazine (November 1937); and Sweetheart Stories (August 1942).

New Issues, February 2013

Also, reprinted is Thomas H. Uzzell’s article, “The Love Pulps” (first published in Scribner’s Magazine, April 1938), in which the author takes aim at the “sub-mass female reader,” catered to by these “magazines that sell glamour for a dime… the escape literature of three million maidens.”

The Pulp Magazines Project wishes to thank Pulpscans and Digital Pulp Preservation. Special appreciation goes to Laurie Powers, author of Laurie’s Wild West, for bringing Uzzell’s 1938 essay to our attention in January.


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