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New Issues/ Contexts (3/25 & 3/30, 2013)

In the final week of March, we’ve added to our growing collection of sf pulps, with new issues of Amazing Stories and Planet Stories. Included is the Aug. 1927 Amazing Stories, which reprints Part 1 of H.G. Wells’s classic invasion novel, The War of the Worlds (first pub. in Cosmopolitan, Apr.-Dec., 1897; see Chez Zeus’s WOTW Book Cover Collection, featuring 115 years of cover illustrations from around the world); and in the Jan. 1951 Planet Stories, readers debate the science of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics (see “The Vizigraph: Letters from Readers,” pp. 104-12).

New Issues, Mar_30_2013

Additionally, the Pulp Magazines Project has just added several new related items to its website, including 15 Golden Age comic books (1940-52) from pulp magazine publishers of the 1930s and 1940s:

Adventures Into The Unknown (Fall 1948), Crime Detective Comics (Mar./ Apr. 1952), Complete Love (Apr. 1952), Fight Comics (Feb. 1940), Ghost Comics (Dec. 1951), Indians (Spr. 1950), Jungle Comics (Sept. 1941), Planet Comics (Jan. 1940), Speed Comics (Jul. 1940), Startling Comics (Aug. 1941), Thrilling Comics (Nov. 1940), War Comics (May 1940), Weird Comics (Aug. 1940), Western Love Trails (Nov. 1949), and Wings (Mar. 1941).

For these Golden Age comic books from pulp publishers, click here.


For April, we’ll be posting a wide selection of “girlie pulps,” including new titles such as Pep StoriesLa Paree, French Night Life Stories, and Hollywood Nights.

The Pulp Magazines Project wishes to thank Gordon & Alice Dell (for their near-complete run of Amazing Stories) and The Digital Comic Museum.

Ad Me’ah Ve’Esrim Shanah.

Complete 5-Volume Run of The Railroad Man’s Magazine

Seven new issues of The Railroad Man’s Magazine (1906-79) now up.

This completes volumes 10 through 14 of Frank A. Munsey’s seminal railroad-themed monthly, the first pulp magazine devoted to a single genre.

New Issues_Mar_20_2012

Next week, we add to our growing collection of science fiction pulps, with new issues of Amazing Stories and Planet Stories. Then in April, a wide selection of “girlie pulps,” including issues of Pep Stories, La Paree, and Hollywood Nights.

New Issues (3/5/2013)

The Pulp Magazines Project has added 6 new issues from Volumes 11, 12, & 13 of The Railroad Man’s Magazine, those for May-October 1910.

New Issues, March 2013

This completes Volumes 10-12 (Oct. 1909-Sept. 1910) of Frank A. Munsey’s seminal railroad-themed monthly, the first single-genre pulp magazine title.

For issues and cover images (1906-79), see Phil Stephensen-Payne’s Checklist.

Cheers, all.

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