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New Issues: Blue Book, Exciting Western, and Jungle Stories (2/20 & 3/25/2014)

The Pulp Magazines Project has added 9 new issues to its full-text digital archive. They include the Jun. & Jul. 1940, and Aug. 1941 issues of Blue Book, feat. Dornford Yates’s When the Devil Drives (Jul. 1940); the Aug. 1946 and Jan. 1947 issues of Exciting Western, feat. W.C. Tuttle’s Trail of the Flame (Jan. 1947); and 4 new issues of Jungle Stories (Spr. 1946; and Spr., Fall, & Win. 1948), feat. stories by John Peter Drummond (Kigor, Jungle Lord) and Edgar Wallace (Sanders of the River).

New Scans, March 2014This brings the total number of full-text magazines available on the PMP website to 254. For further news and updates to the site, along with a complete list of issues and title histories posted, check out our News & Updates page here.


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