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New Issues/ Histories: Munsey Pulps (3/30 & 5/30/2014)

The Pulp Magazines Project has added 12 new issues to its full-text digital archive, representing 5 major pulp magazine titles published by the Frank A. Munsey Co. (NY) between 1913 and 1940.

They include flagship titles Argosy (Mar. 27, 1920; feat. Ray Cummings, “The Right Thing”); The All-Story (Dec. 1913; feat. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Warlord of Mars, Pt. 1/4); and Argosy All-Story Weekly (Dec. 1, Dec. 8, & Dec. 15, 1923; and Sept. 15, 1928)—in addition to Railroad Stories (May 1934; Feb. & Apr. 1935; and Apr. 1936); and the sf reprint magazine, Famous Fantastic Mysteries (Jan. & Feb. 1940).

New Scans, May 2014

Also, be sure to check out the history of Famous Fantastic Mysteries (Sept. 1939-Jun. 1953), the Munsey sf “reprint magazine… that introduced a new generation of readers to the scientific romances, lost civilizations, and otherworldly love stories of the early 20th century” (Nathan Vernon Madison, VCU).

New Scans, April 2014

And finally, in April, 6 new issues of Wonder Stories Quarterly (Sum. & Fall 1930; Spr., Fall, & Win. 1931; and Spr. 1932) were also made available on the site. For further news and updates to the site, along with a complete list of issues and title histories posted, check out our News & Updates page here.


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