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Archive Reaches 300 Issues

With the addition of 10 new issues of Adventure (Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite pulp) from 1911-25, the digital archive of the Pulp Magazines Project has reached 300 individual issues. As of Sept. 2014, the archive includes 85 titles from over two dozen publishers, with its special features on Comic Books & Pulp PublishersSnappy, Spicy, and Girlie Pulps; and Pulp, Slick, & Book-Paper Magazines. In these latest issues of Adventure, “America’s No. 1 Pulp“, we have novels and short stories by John Buchan (Jun. 1911), W.C. Tuttle (Aug. 1916), Edgar Wallace (Apr. 3, 1918), Hugh Pendexter (Jul. 18, 1918), Charles Beadle (Aug. 3, 1918), Talbot Mundy (Aug. 18, 1918), Arthur O. Friel (Dec. 3, 1919), H. Bedford-Jones (Aug. 10, 1925), and many more.

New Scans II, September 2014

The Pulp Magazines Project wishes to thank the Pulpscans Group, Digital Pulp Preservation, the Digital Comic MuseumNewsstand: 1925, and Conrad First for all their help.

Next month, we’ll be posting 6 more issues (Vol. 53) of Adventure from the summer of 1925, along with several new issues of Argosy, Blue Book, and Western Story.

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2 thoughts on “Archive Reaches 300 Issues

  1. Just wanted to tell you guys I really like your new site!! I had no problem downloading any issues in PDF format. I had constant problems on the old one, to the point where I just gave up on downloading anything.

  2. this is like a dream coming true! thank you

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