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New Issues/ Titles/ Contexts (2/25/2015): Dime Novels and Nickel Weeklies

The Pulp Magazines Project has just added 8 issues of “dime novels” and “nickel weeklies” published between 1892 and 1922 to its website. The titles include Frank Reade Library, Tip Top Weekly, Nick Carter Weekly, Deadwood Dick Library, Buffalo Bill Stories, All-Sports Library, All Around Weekly, and Wild West Weekly.

New Scans_Feb. 2015

To view them, click here.

Publishers represented by this group include Street & Smith, Beadle & Adams, The Winner Library Co., Frank Tousey, and Harry E. Wolff. Information and metadata listed alongside each issue includes publication date, year established, publisher, and an estimated total number of issues published.

For more information on the dime novels as a 19th-century publishing phenomenon, check out Tim DeForest’s chapter on “Dime Novels,” from Storytelling in the Pulps, Comics, and Radio: How Technology Changed Popular Fiction in America (2004). It can be accessed through GoogleBooks here.


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