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PMP at MSA and daily pulp cover

Daily Pulp Image, Argosy March 28, 1931. Cover painting by Paul Stahr

The Pulp Magazine Project (Pulpmags) is attending the 13th Modernist Studies Association in Buffalo. But that doesn’t mean that we are not tirelessly scouring the city for more magazines: Twenty minutes after checking into the hotel, we stumbled upon a box of 1930s Argosy Magazines at Old Editions Bookstore on Huron. Argosy is the most common, and most inexpensive pulp magazine. These were a little pricey ($15 or two for $25 — you can usually find Argosy in the $5-10 range if there aren’t any big names in that issue), but the addiction kicked in and your PMP representative grabbed some.

IF you happen to be at MSA 13, you can see David M. Earle present on True Confession Magazines and the Post-Mencken Smart Set on the “Modernist Manuals” panel, Friday at 10:30, and Patrick Scott Belk will be participating in the seminar on “Modernism and Seriality” today at 3:00.

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