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New Issues: Adventure, Blue Book, and Short Stories

The Pulp Magazines Project has added 10 new issues of 3 classic pulp magazine titles to its full-text digital archive. These include the Feb. 1911 issue and complete 6-issue run of Vol. 53 from the summer of 1925 (Jun. 10, 20, & 30; and Jul. 10, 20, & 30, 1925) of Adventure, feat. Prisoners of War and When East Met West, by prolific British pulp authors Talbot Mundy and W.C. Tuttle, respectively (Jun. 10, 1925). Two issues of Blue Book (Jan. 1924 and Nov. 1926) feature Agatha Christie’s “The Plymouth Express Affair” (Jan. 1924) and H. Bedford-Jones’s “The Trail of Death” (Nov. 1926). In the Jul. 10, 1924 issue of Short Stories, you will find Harold Lamb’s “The Camp of the Snake” and Murray Leinster’s “Grist”. There are now a total of 312 full-text magazines available on the site.

New Scans, October 2014

For more information on classic pulp titles like Adventure (1910), Blue Book (1915), and Short Stories (1910), check out Mike Ashley’s “Golden Age of Pulp Fiction” and R.D. Mullen’s “From Standard Magazines to Pulps & Big Slicks“.

For news and updates, along with a complete list of issues posted, check out our News & Updates page here.

The Pulp Magazines Project would like to thank the members of the Pulpscans Group, especially Saskia van de Kruisweg (ROC, Amsterdam) for beautiful scans, and Jan van Heiningen (Utrecht University) for generous access to his collection.

New Issues/ Contexts/ Histories (4/13/2013): The ‘Girlie’ Pulps!

In the 1920s and ’30s, The New York Society for the Suppression of Vice (est. 1873) prosecuted a long war against the so-called “girlie” pulps, a burgeoning field of mildly risqué pulp-paper magazines featuring sex-themed stories, scantily clad women, and sometimes nude photography.

In 1925, the organization attacked as indecent the magazines Artists and Models and Art Lovers’ Magazine.

In 1930, the NYSSV forced pulp publisher Harold Hersey to suppress depictions of violence and lawlessness in his new line of gang pulps.

In 1934, the organization raided magazine shops to confiscate four new magazines with the titillating titles Real Boudoir TalesReal Temptation TalesReal Forbidden Sweets, and Real French Capers….

For 2013, let’s hope it all goes better for these long lost, and much maligned step-children of popular 20th century print culture history:

New_Issues, April_2013

The Pulp Magazines Project has posted 8 new scans, feat. representative issues of the snappy, spicy, & girlie varieties (shown above) of semi-slick or pulp-paper magazines from the 1930s and 1940s.

They include 10 Story Book (Jul. 1934), Follies (Winter 1933), Gay Life Stories (c. 1939), Hollywood Nights (May 1937), La Paree (Nov. 1935), Night Life Tales (Winter 1940), Pep Stories (Apr. 1932), and Spicy Stories (Sept. 1936).

To access these issues, just click here.

Also available now at the Pulp Magazines Project, from Lauren Gibson (The University of West Florida), a history of George T. Delacorte’s “I Confess” (1922 – 1932).

And from Beau Collier (Darwination Scans), an illustrated history of the “girlie” pulps (1912 – 1946). Just see “Birth of the Girlie Pulps.”

The Pulp Magazines Project wishes to thank Pulpscans and Digital Pulp Preservation.

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